SEO for nautical companies. Optimize your positioning on Google

By: Octavi Uyà

Marketing online empresas náuticas

Google’s job is to provide it’s users with the most relevant results. If we want Google to put us in first place, we have to be relevant to its users (but it also needs to know what we offer, that we are important, etc. This is where optimization comes in)
There are two key aspects to optimizing your positioning on Google:

In-page SEO:

Here quality is measured in terms of the programming of the website, how fast it loads, etc.

Also, if you give clues to Google through elements in the programming code of your website (Title, H1 and subdomains), it will know what you work as and will show your website to people who search for terms similar to those in your website as it will be relevant to them.

For example, if you search for “Alquiler de barco” in Google, the first organic result that shows up is Nautal despite the fact that doesn’t have “Alquiler de barcos” in the same. However, it does have the following coding elements:

<title> Alquiler de barcos | Nautal </title>
<h1> Alquiler de barcos en España </h1>

Url de the filtered pages, e.g:> Just like in the content of the page

Elements in the code
<title> Alquiler barco | Salat - Alquiler Sun Fast 32i </title>

URL of charter company: www.tudominio.xx/alquiler

URL of a boat: www.tudominio.xx/alquiler/nombre-barco
Therefore, Nautal Partners has already thought of all the elements
<title> Boat rental | Salat - Alquiler Sun Fast 32i </title>

URL of charter company: www.tudominio.xx/charter

Additionally these elements translate to match the language of your website, so that it also has a good positioning in other languages

Off-page SEO:

Keep in mind that the programming elements (known as in-page) are only part of the positioning in Google, so we need do pay a lot of attention to how the information is disseminated (off-page).

What can you do to achieve a better positioning for your website?

How to determine the strength of a domain?

You can use internet tools to compare the strength of your own domain to your competitors (it is hard to get an exact number, but very easy to compare two different domains):

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