Introduction to online marketing for online nautical companies

By: Octavi Uyà

Marketing online empresas náuticas

When someone does a search on Google, the results page has the following sections:

SEO para empresas náuticas
Apartados en los resultados de búsqueda de Google

SEM means Search Engine Marketing, which is marketing carried out on the search engine. To appear here you must set up a Google AdWords account and pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement and therefore for each visit you get. The price varies depending on the supply and demand of the keyword that you choose.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, meaning optimizing the natural search results, also called organic results. When someone clicks here you don’t pay anything, but it is more difficult to position here.


With both SEO and SEM, keywords are a very important concept.

When a user searches for ‘I want to rent sailboat in Barcelona’ on Google, the keywords will be ‘Rent Sailboat Barcelona’.
We have to define the list of key words for which we want to appear. These keywords must meet the two following conditions:

For example, a lot of people search for ‘Schools in Barcelona’ but we rent boats, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to try to position for that key word.

On the contrary, if we rent boats and we want to position for the term ‘feel the relaxation of the marine lifestyle’ it will not be worthwhile as it is unlikely that there are a lot of people who would search for such a term.

How to plan your list of keywords

Make an initial list:

Evaluate the keywords with the most potential

Adwords para empresas náuticas
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Important Principles

Herramienta de seguimiento - Google Analytics

Main Uses

Most sophisticated uses

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