Windsurf Course

In this course you navigate the waves, enjoying the solo sailing. Windsurfing has many advantages, such as easy transport and access to the sea, and its attractive navigation makes it one of the most popular sailing sports. Because of this and because in Badalona the sport is very popular in Badalona the school has more affluence of students in this activity.

Aims of the course:
Set off from the gangway
Determine the wind direction
Learn the parts of the boat
Know the basic directions
Know the typical winds of the area and navigate yourself
Mark out the sailing zone
Derive: concept and causes: in function of luffing
Direct the iron
Safety: towing, SOS signalling and equipment
Learning how to rig and remove the sail
Transport material
Place the material on the ground
Hoist: correct positioning of the feet
Position the arms, hut and holster the sail
To know the fall in the water
Stop and start the boat
Enter and exit the water safely

The courses are 10 hours, 2 hours per day Monday to Friday or the weekend. The course price includes the lifejacket, the sailboat and sail, rescue equipment and the monitor

Private lessons 1 hour 35 EUR for 2 or 2 hours 30 EUR for 4

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