Recreational Watercraft Skipper License

  • 450 €

Sailboats and motorboats up to 15m in length with suitable motor power

Up to 12 nautical miles and inter-island navigation in the Canary and Balaeric archipelagos

Pass the theory exam
Pass the practical exam or give proof of at least 3 days with minimum sailing of 4 hours
Age: 18 or 16 with parental consent

THEORY: Naval technology, Manoeuvres, Safety at Sea, Sailing (theory and charter), Meteorology, Communications, Mechanical Propulsion, Rules and Signals,
PRACTICAL: Basic safety and navigation practicals, which can be done during the theoretical course or up to a maximum period of 18 months after the exam.

Optionally, the certificate can be supplemented to sail from the Peninsula to Balearic Islands and extend the length up to 24 metres by completing a continuous practical of 24 hours in the regime of a sailing day.

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