Basic Navigation Sailing Course

  • 450 €

Sailboats and motorboats up to 8m in length with suitable motor power
The certificate also authorises the use of jet-skis

Up to 5 nautical miles in any direction from an accessible cove or beach

Pass the theory exam
Pass the practical exam or give proof of at least 12 hours of practice
Age: 18 or 16 with parental consent

THEORY: Nautical terms, Safety, Navigation, Sailing, Prevention of Collisions, Beaconing, Legislation
PRACTICAL: Basic safety and navigation practices, which can be done during the theoretical course or up to a maximum period of 18 months after the exam.

If you pass the Basic Navigation Sailing Course and want to take the Skippers License and you are validated for everything that you have studied for the Basic Navigation Course, you will only have to be examined on the complementary part (solving charter sailing exercises).

You only have 2 attempts immediately after the one you have been examined for and you have to be examined in the same place as you were awarded the Basic Navigation Sailing Course.

You are examined on rules, legislation, safety, nautical terms, beaconing, elements of mooring and anchoring
4 hour practical with instructor in an equivalent vessel.
On completion of these sections the School will issue the official card and deliver it to the student.

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