What domain to choose to achieve the best SEO results

By: Octavi Uyà

Cómo elegir tu dominio pensando en SEO

There are 2 main techniques when setting a domain:

To determine which option best fits your business, you have to analyze the strength of your competitors. For example, it will be difficult for a small business to position ahead of big companies and international agencies for a term as generic as ‘Boat rental’.

Searching for a term a little less generic can however get results (for example rent-sailboat-portX.xxx in the case of a small port). If the diffusion of the domain works well and someone searches for a generic boat in that port, they could end up on your website without having known your business.

The risk of these strategies is that if you don’t position well people will not find you even if they search your name. For example, if they search ‘Boat rental’ in Google many companies will come before your new domain.

On the other hand, if you put your brand name in the domain, it is easier for people who search your name to find you on Google, as it will position much faster.

Once you have positioned your brand name, through the in-page elements and off-page promotion (see Introduction to online marketing for nautical businesses), people will be able to find your website with more generic searches.

Therefore, at Nautal we recommend that you set your own brand name as your URL so that you can be identified easily and position quickly (in fact, this is what we did at Nautal).

A new brand name should ideally be:




If the tourism in your area is very international, consider the domain .com instead of .es
Examples for someone with just one boat:

If you have more than one boat, you probably already have a brand name, and even a domain. In that case, the best thing to do is keep the domain, showing the new web (See Tricks for moving your web to Nautal Partners while maintaining your SEO)

Title: Nautical company “Port” | “Company name”
H1: The activated sections E.g: Boat rental, buying and selling and sailing school in “Port”.
Title: “page” en “Port” | “Company name”
H1: “page” en “Port” | “Company name”
Boats for rent: boats-rent
Used boats: boats-used
Sailing school: sailing-school
Nautical activities: nautical-activities
Pages: name in title and H1 and the url
Charter: Boat name
Rest: advertisement title

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